• Lucia De Rosa

Why it is so important to protect our skin also in winter?

Among the causes of skin damage, the most harmful are pollution and UV rays. We must learn to defend our beauty capital from these harmful attacks.

Recent studies have shown that 80% of the signs of deterioration and damage to the skin are not due to genetic factors, but to exposure to UV rays.

What scientists call Exposoma therefore plays a key role, which can be defined as the sum of all factors not related to genetics but also environmental exposures including smoking, nutrition, stress, sleep and above all pollution and UV rays.

These last two factors, in particular, have developed over time, thanks also to the hole in the ozone layer, the ability to attack our skin in a particularly dangerous way. It is therefore of fundamental importance to protect the epidermis always and at its best to keep it not only beautiful and young, but also healthy.

Pigmentation, skin texture, blemishes skin are certified due to solar radiation UVA/B that's why is adviced to use an urban protector that helps to hydrate and defend our skin from even in winter and in the city, since our skin needs to be protected even in case of cloudy sky.

One of the best urban protector is La Roche Posay Antheolios KA.

It is composed of thermal water that helps to convey the active ingredients and balance the hydrolipidic level of the skin, among other things, the Antheolios KA contains an SPF 50 to ensure a total block to our skin at all times of day.

It has a fairly compact texture so that it also withstands sweat or city heat and is suitable for all skin types.

Have you ever used an urban total block? What is your favourite one?

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