• Lucia De Rosa

Whisking:save your time in the beauty routine!

Updated: Mar 25

Have you ever heard about whisking? (nope! it's not about any evolution of whisky, this technique this technique it's not to prepare something to drink;) ) is a technique that can be used in multiple fields, from make up routines to body or hair care; this technique comes from the same word that means to mix, let's see something in detail.

Whisking can be used in hair care by combining a nourishing oil to the hair desricating mask, so that it has a more nourishing and repairing function.

In the make up routine it can be used by adding the primer to the foundation so as to save time and skip a step.

Another use we can find in the make up routine is to mix the eye shadow with the primer, so as to avoid the wrinkles that normally form in the eyelid;

As for body care, we can use the whisking technique by mixing a body scrub with anti-cellulite oil, so as to remove dead cells, we also drain stagnant liquids.

In a nutshell, with whisking you can have fun in a thousand ways.

Did you already know this technique? We hope that this article has been useful to you to expand your cosmetological background as well as to reduce the time you will spend in the body or facial care.

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