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TOP products that you should try!

Updated: Apr 16

The latest top products discovered at the last moment are this wonderful and effective Purito eye contour, a brand that is part of Korean cosmetics; this eye contour of Purito contains 49% of Asian centella, which it has an incredible and effective draining action against stagnated lymphatic fluids that cause us swelling and that hideous violet color.

Yes, this effective product can help combat dark circles and stress accumulated after hours of work at the computer. The ideal is to use it in the evening and in the morning in order to carry out its draining action and hydrate the area around the eyes during 24 hours.

The second product is a facial serum from an Estonian line called Mossa, it is a line with the "ECO certified label" which means that the ingredients are all of natural origin.

This serum, is composed of ten powerful vitamin antioxidants oils, has an antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and toning action.

The ingredients of this powerful facial oil are:

- raspberry, rich in vitamin C;

- sea buckthorn, rich in vitamin E;

- jojoba seed oil, rich in omega 3-6 and polyphenols;

- almond oil, very rich in vitamin E and omega 3-6;

- avocado, rich in vitamins. A-E-omega 3-6;

- olive, very rich in vitamins. E-A-C;

- apricot, rich in vitamins. C ;

- plum, rich in vitamin C;

- evening primrose, contains vitamins. E and A polyphenols;

- rosa canina rich in vitamins. C and bioflavonoids helps the skin's microcirculation,

- oats rich in trace elements and vitamins A-B,

- tomato, as everyone knows its main ingredient is lycopene, helps to perform an antioxidant and protective action against free radicals.

This wonderful vitamin cocktail is suitable for all skin types, especially indicated for sensitive skin, dry and for a rank of age between 30 and 40 given its antioxidant action and strongly nourishing, helps prevent the first wrinkles of expression.

Wich are your favourite products in that time?

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