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The most cool and useful gift for mother's day

Finally it's time to celebrate Mother's Day, the one who taught us to walk and sometimes screamed at us when we ate a lot of candy when we were children.

For the one who selected the clothes for us when we were not able yet to properly choose the ideal garment according to the season and, still the mother with whom you had to deal with in case the homeworks did not go well at school.

The time has come, the fateful day of the mother, so what do we give her as a gift? A perfume for when she feels like getting ready with more care and devote a little more to her? A piece of clothing that she can wear in some particular day? We have made a list of things to give you some gift ideas since it's almost time for.

The first product we are suggesting to give as a gift for Mother's Day is "La vie est belle" by Lancome, a light perfume, but at the same time very delicate with a floral base, its main fragrance is iris, it is so fruity that you immediately notice a sense of spring in the air, it is easily adaptable to many personalities.

Credits by Lancome via web

The second idea we give you is something that every woman should have at home in this historic period of pandemic because at a time when we are subject to pay attention to certain safety measures, wear a mask, respect the hours and the limit of customers for certain activities, even going to the hairdresser has become a little difficult.

So why not have a hair straightener at home that you can use whenever you need it without having to make an appointment and having to move to go to a salon? And here is the "do it yourself" hair styling by Imetec more practical and comfortable you can have! Among other things, it is easily ordered on amazon that in 2-3 working days makes it arrive directly at home.

You can order it here

Credits by web

Third idea for Mother's Day, a nice bag, at this point we are really full of choice, from the most practical such as shopping bags, to the most elegant and fashionable, we prefer to propose a bag that is easily adaptable and, easily usable for both day and possibly evening.

A classic that will surely never go out of fashion is a wonderful bag by Louis Vuitton, the elegant Parisian signature has certainly left its mark on history, an indelible mark that presents itself.

Have you already thought about one of those gifts?

We really hope that this short but surely useful selection can give you some inspiration and we give you an appointment to the next post.

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