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The body shop is like a great body care!

Updated: Mar 25

When the seasons change, there is nothing better than to prepare our skin for spring, giving it a good boost of energy by stimulating circulation and removing dead and dry cells, renewing cell turnover and preparing it for spring. It is important to use a scrub that can reactivate the circulation helping to eliminate stagnated toxins at both epidermal and deeper level, by the lymphatic system.

An excellent scrub that we find on the market is of The body shop, a delicate creamy scrub, rich in coconut oil, sweet almond oil and coconut butter, which gives it not only a delicate smell but also the main active ingredients.

It is not a coincidence that this wonderful product performs a double action, while exfoliating the skin acts with the nutrient and antioxidant power of coconut rich in vitamins A, E, C, D.

To start preparing our skin in the best possible way it is recommended to use a nourishing oil in combination with the scrub, also because the exfoliant should be done 1-2 times a week while the skin needs to be hydrated and protected every day.

An excellent combination is this Thai lemongrass oil, always from the same line The body shop, with a wonderful and fresh citrus scent, which revitalizes, awakens the senses and energizes the skin after this winter period in which our skin has always been covered because of the continuous cold.

The main components of this fresh oil are eucalyptus, rosemary (excellent circulatory and draining activator), lavender and lemon. Have you ever used a body scrub? What are your favorite cosmetics in this period?

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