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The best health supplements to use in spring

Now that the days are finally getting longer, but we are no longer used to seeing the sun until late, now that we are a little more free to go out, but after spending days indoors for more than a year, periods more, periods less, we were no longer accustomed even to this, now that temperatures are changing, it is probably normal to feel a little tired, to notice a little apathy in some moments and drops in concentration in others, but it is also quite normal. It takes a little time to settle and take certain rhythms so, in spring as in autumn, you need a boost more but, then, why not use the help of food supplements that can somehow stimulate us to be more productive.

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Let's go by step,

- probably at this time of year many women have to take supplements to deflate their legs, drain excess fluids and prepare, in some way to the costume fitting;

- many people instead, without difference of age or gender, use more easily mineral supplements, oligoelements and vitamins to improve cognitive functions and the level of concentration;

- Do you think there is a supplement that can be missing, especially in this particular historical period, to help us lower our stress levels? Because let's be clear, the word stress does not only mean the stress we experience at work when we work overtime or we spend many hours on our feet, stress is also often caused by excessive thoughts that make us not sleep at night, those caused many times by the change of life, stress can be understood as all those biochemical processes that in one way or another by raising the cortisol level in the blood and lowering our immune defenses.

Probably there are many people who would resort to supplements to lower their stress level.

- Surely spring is also the right time to prepare your skin for summer and take carotenoid supplements to increase melanin production to have a gorgeous tan.

Don't know which one to choose? Don't worry, we have made a nice selection to make things easier for you. The first supplement that we propose is by Arkopharma, it is a product based on green tea, fucus and birch, the first two ingredients help to speed up the metabolism in order to burn excess fat in addition to having also, the known antioxidant function of green tea while, the birch is an excellent diuretic that helps to drain excess fluids.

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In case you only have fluid retention this product by D-Lab would probably be more suitable for you. It is an excellent draining product based on orthosiphon, dandelion, pilosella and turmeric, ingredients that have a strong diuretic action, consequently helping to drain excess fluids that have stagnated during the winter period and the days of home isolation.

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The ideal product instead for people who have problems with concentration is

Neuronutrients by Solgar, an excellent supplement based on Ginko biloba and amino acids such as tyrosine that being a perfect hormonal precursor acts as a precursor in the biochemical processes of adrenaline, vitamins B1 and B3 help to strengthen the mental processes of the nervous system and concentration, while riboflavin and vitamin B6 help to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and the stress, this vitamin mix works in symbiosis to help cognitive functions being also excellent antioxidants.

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In order to balance the level of stress, the effects of rhodiola are well known, as it is a plant with a tonic-adaptogenic effect, it helps to promote the production of serotonin and dopamine in the adrenal glands, in this way it naturally balances the level of cortisol in the blood which has been produced in excess in some periods of stress. By balancing the hormonal level it also effectively helps the antidepressive function by improving the mood.

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Last but not least for the fans of the tan there are also supplements based on carotenoids, in this case we recommend Carotenall of Jarrow Formulas

based on alpha/beta carotene, lutein and lycopene boost melanin production to help fight burns and achieve a great tan.

Have you ever used any of these supplements? What are your favorites?

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