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Rouge passion, rouge obsession!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Today I will make you a selection of five red lipsticks that, in my opinion you have to try at least once in life.

There is something in the red color that makes many of us smile and feel good, probably because with its iridescent pigments gives brightness to the face, especially in winter it seems that it gives that extra touch of color and light in the midst of so much greyness, rain and sometimes snow; just put on an iridescent red lipstick gives a bright and vivid tone to the face. The Red gives security, even when we see ourselves with a dark and opaque tone to the face, most of the time it is enough to wear a red lipstick to acquire another aspect, more radiant I would say. It's a bit like walking in the rain but know to differentiate ourselves, because despite having only a base of makeup, rimmel and hair done (or sometimes undone) we wear red lipstick that increases our sex appeal.

Or even when the morning is late to go to the office and between preparing lunch to take to work, prepare the backpack for children to take to school ... many times there is no time to follow all the steps of a perfect makeup, luckily there is always a red lipstick life-saving, sometimes even if you want to put it on the fly while you are already outside the house, is still a must have always with us;)

1) Color riche, Red passion of L'oreal:

a bright red, with a scent of cocoa, sparkling that in the light give a peculiar brilliance, quite adaptable, for its brilliant and festive effect, probably more suitable for dinners or evenings out than day. After all, make up is like clothes, you have to wear them in the right circumstances.

2) Red Russian by Mac:

a mat, bold red lipstick, does not dry the lips, suitable for light complexions but also for olive skin; one of those classic red lipsticks that never goes away on the basis of its versatility, with a slight scent of vanilla, reminds a bit of the sixties.

3) Pat McGrath in Vendetta shade:

an ultra-pigmented, mat, blood-colored lipstick, with an original black case with a lip shape in the center, quite addicted for its intense color, a carnal red that does not have the tendency to drool.

4) Clarins in joli rouge shade:

a wonderful, juicy, soft cherry red, with a scent of red fruits, incredibly moisturizing, a very versatile lipstick, reminiscent of the seventies for its shades of pink, since it was the beginning in which they used quite varied rose reds.

5) Audacious by Nars:

last but not at least, one of my favorites, a wine red, with wonderful burgundy nuances, with an infinite lasting, vibrant, energetic and dynamic granate red, one of those classic lipsticks that, once worn gives the feeling of being able to conquer the world, simply for the duality and vibrations it transmits.

Have you ever tried one of these lipsticks? which one is your favorite? let me know, I'm curious about!

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