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Right skin care products during spring time

Now that spring is here, the weather is changing but it's not completely stable yet , that's why we need to change our skin care products.

After a winter of cold weather and a long period of wearing face masks to go to work or shopping, now our skin is a bit tired, there are a few pimples that are a symptom of reaction to all these factors that have put our skin under stress , which has become more reactive and delicate as a result. That is why it is advisable to use products that contain vitamins and minerals so that they are particularly moisturizing, protective, soothing and in the case of sensitive skin it is also better to use products that can strengthen the skin barrier.

For this reason we have found a line of cosmetics that has 99% natural active ingredients, so they are also particularly effective.

We recommend removing makeup with a mild cleanser.

Use a toner that can remove residues of impurities or make up and can restore the pH of the skin in a natural way.

Next we recommend you use I am Love, one of the most popular products of the brand Fre, because of its 5 main ingredients, five fantastic oils all natural and selected with great care to be used in all skin types; This moisturizing and nourishing oil has antioxidant power, made of Argan Oil, great for normal and combination skin, helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and improves healing after any breackout; Hemp Oil helps to soothe the skin in case it is affected by psoriasis, irritated and with acne Ylang-Ylang Flower Oil, Rose Flower Oil, Olive Oil, this great mix of oils is a natural source of vitamins A, E, C and consequently rich in antioxidants.

Credits: by @fre via web

In this period it is also important to use an eye contour that is very moisturizing and has a light texture because with temperatures that are increasing our skin may reject the product, that's why we recommend an anti dark circles with depigmenting action, in fact contains Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid, able to help us in increasing the firmness of the skin and prevent the first expression lines.

Credits: by @fre via web

Surely one thing that can not be absent in your beauty case is a sunscreen that we recommend to put as a pre-base to protect you from the sun's rays, luckily the Fre line has also thought of this, in this case since the summer is coming you can also start with an SPF 30, great to protect from climate change but also because being water resistant, ensures to protect the skin even in case there is a strong transpiration.

Credits: by @fre via web

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