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Retinol, where can be found, how it works and why it is so important

Updated: Mar 18

Today we talk about retinol, a very important active ingredient,

How does retinol work? differently from other active ingredients it works from inside the cell; what does retinol do? it stimulates the production of collagen, consequently it improves skin flaccidity giving tone to the skin.

Why retinol is good for skin? after the age of 25-30 the skin progressively decreases its production of collagen, consequently it starts to lose tone in a gradual manner.

Another very important function of retinol that, among other things, comes from vitamine A is that it is an excellent stabilizer of melanocytes therefore it is exceptional in the treatment of spots, sun hyperpigmentation or spots due to pregnancy and birth control products.

Can retinol help with acne?

Retinol being a fantastic sebum balancer also helps in normalizing acne.

Where is retinol found? In nature retinol is found in eggs, milk and its derivatives, red and orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, red fruits and apricots.

While in cosmetics there are various fantastic products that can really help us to stimulate and improve the tone of our skin, starting from the eye area we have

La Roche Posay redermic, which can incredibly help us to improve the presence of the first appearance of expression lines and the tonicity of the eye area.

La Roche Posay Serum B3 has a very effective complex formed by retinol and vitamin B3 that helps to prevent skin redness.

Another very effective and easy-to-find alternative is The Ordinary retinol serum, with 2% of active ingredient, this serum is perfect for use in the first steps of treatment and, like all other products based on this active ingredient, is best used at night before going to bed.

Pros of retinol

Helps improve skin texture, improves and delays the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin tone and firmness, and helps improve acne.

Pros of retinol

helps improve skin texture, improves and delays the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin tone and firmness and helps improve acne.

Cons of retinol

In the first couple of weeks you may notice dryness, desquamation; can retinol cause spots? this is one of the very normal reactions of the skin in the first periods of retinol use.

Why does retinol cause peeling of the skin? These are small reactions that may occur only in some cases depending on the skin type until the skin gets used to the use of retinol. This is also why it is recommended to start with a very low percentage such as 0.2/0.3 and then increase gradually.

Two other quite important cons are that retinol should not be used during pregnancy;

Why retinol is controindicated in pregnancy? Because a high dose of the product could be harmful for the formation of the fetus. It would be better not to use it in the summer, not because it is photosensitizing but more because the skin is already sensitized and got already red enough with the sun and consequently there is a risk of burning.

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