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¿Peeling o scrub? let's see the difference to regenerate our skin!

Updated: Apr 16

Ehy guys how are you?

Today we talk about the importance of exfoliating the skin and how to do it without ruining it, creating abrasions or burns that often leave indelible marks.

First of all, among the benefits of exfoliate our skin we can list cellular oxygenation, which helps to eliminate toxins and stimulate the lymphatic system; epithelial renewal, which helps to remove that horrible dull colour from the face and stimulation of collagen, which gives greater compactness to the skin.

There are several differences between scrub and peeling;

The scrub, for example, has a mechanical action, which means that being composed of microgranules that can be both synthetic or natural, massaging it removes dead cells and exfoliates the skin; while the peeling that can be chemical (with machine) or natural, in fact is often derived from AHA (Alpha Hidroxy Acids) are nothing more than vegetable extraction acids, such as glycolic acid (extracted from sugar cane), mandelic acid (extracted from almonds), lactic acid (from milk) etc..with its acidic pH it is able to regenerate and exfoliate the skin only with the application of the product, it is not characterized by the presence of granules such as scrub but must simply be applied to the skin, and it can effectively work by itself.

A fantastic and incredibly effective, as well as doble functional, is Evolution N. 6, this amazing, antioxidant exfoliating glow mask.

It looks and act like a mask with cocoa yummy scent, whose main ingredients are:

- cocoa powder and butter, polyphenols, which includes tannins and flavonols, are powerful antioxidants that perform the task of fighting free radicals and promoting the synthesis of collagen by the skin, allowing you to recover tone and elasticity, preventing skin aging and photoaging caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

- Rose hip and argan oil, both with incredible regenerating, moisturizing, calming and antioxidant properties, help the renewal of the skin especially helps also skin with acne, eczema, couperose and scars.

In fact, this double functional exfoliating mask can be used for all skin types except for very sensitive skins that have a tendency to irritate very easily, as the mechanical action of the microgranules could create annoying reactions.

On the other hand, the peeling that only needs to be applied to the skin in order to act, we can mention this wonderful and effective product, Evolution N. 3, composed of

- 4% glycolic acid (extracted from sugar cane);

- 1% of AHA (as we said before composed of mandelic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid, citric acid and lactic acid) which, having a very small molecular composition, can penetrate between the intracellular surfaces, exfoliating the skin, removing dead cells and increasing the natural presence of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin, stimulating their synthesis;

among its ingredients we also find:

- liquorice extract, a powerful despigmenting and cicatrizing ingredient;

- white willow, with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

This product has the effect of a brighter skin, with a more uniform and compact texture. Suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive, but for reactive or allergic skin it is advisable to try a fragment of the face and in case of not haver negative reaction then use it all over the face.

For those who have a dull, opaque skin, very thick skin texture and the presence of impurities, it is advised to exfoliate 1-2 times per week to improve the oxygenation of the skin, improve its complexion and hydration, we should not forget that once dried skin layer and dead cells have been removed, the moisturizing creams penetrate much more easily.

There is a constant need to be very careful with our skin, when we neglect it...we won't be able to buy another one;)

These products, which many of my customers and I are in love with for their real functionality, can be both purchased in the Kriim store in Barcelona or on their online site https://kriim.com/

Have you ever tried an alpha hydroxy acid peeling or do you prefer a scrub one? Let me know in one comment what do you think of this article, I'm curious about!

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