• Lucia De Rosa

Pastel and vibrant spring eyeshadow palette

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

With the return of spring there is also an awakening of the senses, the temperatures change and the return of the beautiful seasons lead us to use light pastel colors, from peach to aquamarine blue, from water green to candy pink, many that embrace and give verve to our mood in a delicate way, colors that normally go well with the skin that awaking up by winter still has a pale pink color. Colours with tones that give more vivacity and tickle the mood lightly, we find them in a wide range in a mini palette presented by Nix Cosmetics;

This incredible Bright Lumineux paupières shadow palette is composed of 16 marvelous variables and fresh spring tones that can be adapted to various casual or sporty looks, each tone has a matt and pearly variant, illuminating the face and giving life to the glance expression to create simple or jaunty looks while in case you want to use more colors and mix them together, blurring them and giving space to the creativity to feel a bit like a Giotto with his brushes. Hoping you will discover many different looks with this palette and you can have various original inspirations, we are sure you will not miss it. We are just wondering ... have you ever used other Nyx palettes? Did you like it?

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