• Lucia De Rosa

Oily skin? You have to try sebum-balancing treatments

Updated: Apr 16

The reasons behind oily skin are different, from hormonal problems that alter the production of sebum to problems of food unbalance, clearly when you eat in an unbalanced way, abusing sausages, fried foods, sweets, fatty foods in general even the skin suffers, we must not forget that we are what we eat, without underestimating the genetic predisposition and the age factor that often affects, however, certainly in a young age for a number of factors you are more predisposed to oily skin.

At this point it is useless to say that it is necessary to use products that are sebum-balancing and matifying at the same time, that is why it is recommended to use a cream that is not too greasy but at the same time effective and purifying, an excellent cream that comes to the rescue is Pivoine pure fluid by l' Occitane that combines the matifying virtues of Pivione de Drôme extract with Mediterranean lemon, with astringent and sebum-balancing properties to matify and reduce the epithelial sebum.

While at night you can combine a fantastic and very effective balancing purifying lotion by Sisley with tropical resins, it is nothing more than a wonderful treatment that through the Java tea and Benjuí decreases the skin shine due to sebum excess while through the salicylic acid and Alchemilla leaves closes the pores dilated and refines the skin purifying it in depth.

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