• Lucia De Rosa

Nude..like sometimes can be your mood!

Let's talk about the nude color, which we normally want to use when there is simply a desire to put a shine colour, which does not necessarily have to be bright but it can gives a moisturizing effect, that nude classic and simple colour that helps to define the lips without being too eye-catching, which gives us the feeling of being in order in an elegant and chic way but not excessively noticeable.

The first on the list is


a wonderful creamy gloss that provides an incredible and exceptional voluminous effect, characterized by a delicious cocoa aroma and a light and moisturizing sensation, easy to wear, not excessively shiny, but only slightly shiny.

- STAY MATTE Rimmel:

characterized by a compact texture, more like a lipstick than a lipstick, classic color crazy to wear to work in the office, to go out during the day, to be in order simply but in any case sober and durable to say the least infinite, which resists incredibly even though you can drink and eat.

- SUPER GLOSS, by Deborah Milano:

a bright shine, with a light texture and the smell of strawberry, characterized by the presence of tiny silver microspheres that give exceptional light to the sun or local light, also for this reason is suitable for wearing at night or going out with friends for cocktails.

Which is your favorite nude lipgloss? let us know in one comment!

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