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¿Vegan cosmetics and makeup?

Updated: Apr 16

...Let's see something!

Hello! How are you? How were the holidays?

Today I would love to talk about something vegan, but.. no, it's not about food, the holidays are over!;) What do you think about vegan makeup?

Let's talk a bit about a branch of cosmetics always more emerging, vegan makeup!

Probably more and more people have realized that at the moment that our skin is like a sponge and absorbs everything we wear, it should be treated with silk gloves.

First of all, I have to tell you that the famous cruelty free cosmetics and vegan cosmetics are not the same thing. This is because cruelty free cosmetics/make-up are so called because they cannot be tested on animals, but they can have animals origin; while vegan cosmetics can, of course, be cruelty free or not because many times companies can choose, not in Europe, as the European Union has banned animal testing on 11/03/2013; while there are nations like China in which they expressly ask for animal testing; it is clear that if any company wants to expand its market in other countries it has to change its corporate policy.

About vegan make-up and cruelty free, I wanted to talk to you about inglot, a brand that you probably know and that occupies an increasingly important place in the world of cosmetics and beauty for its natural products.

A brand of different tones, daring, wonderfully iridescent and with incredibly pure pigments of chameleon character that change color in base of perspective and light.

In one of the make-up I have done for New Year's Eve I recorded a super short video to show you how to make an eyeliner with one of these pure pigments mixed with the duraline (always inglot's) that you can find below, if you are also curious to see all the wonderful and shining makeup (I hope you like it) that has come out, you can have a look at my instagram profile;)

(at the end of each page of my web you will find instagram gallery).

If you liked this article and you find it interesting, leave me a comment to know your opinion and... feel free to share!;)

I wish you a wonderful 2019.

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