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Insomnia and remedies to improve sleep

According to a statistic made by an herbal company, more than eighty-five percent of the world's population is having more and more insomnia problems due to the pandemic that, in one way or another, has disrupted our biological rhythms; with the various lockdowns more or less frequent in the various countries, many activities had to close down, many people were forced to stay at home, without work, without physical activity or even going out for a walk, affecting their rhythms and daily routine.

In one way or another, sleep habits have changed, increasing the level of insomnia for the all world's population. That's why we thought to make a selection of essential oils that can help to balance the rhythms of sleep and relax the nervous system.

What are the best essential oils to balance sleep? We have made a nice selection of the three most effective oils to be able to give a solution to this situation that afflicts so many people.

The first essential oil that we propose is chamomile essential oil, known as well in popular culture for its calming functions that have been confirmed even at the scientific level, the essential oil of chamomile helps to calm and relax the nervous system or in case of muscle tension helping to reconcile the functions of sleep.

The second well known essential oil that can also help to relax is lavender, helping to relax mental tensions, anti-bacterial, also good for headaches.

Last but not least, Ylang-Ylang essential oil helps to decrease hypertension due to anxiety or stress, which can often lead to insomnia.

How to use the essential oils? being produced from the purest essences of plants and flowers, even a few drops diluted in a bath before going to sleep are sufficient to help relax and reconcile the senses, in case you are looking for a quicker solution you can add 2-3 drops in a diffuser, or add two drops of essential oils to one of sweet almond or jojoba moisturizing oil inside the wrists and massage well before going to sleep.

It is not recommended to use pure essential oils directly on the skin because they have a very fast penetration power and could create irritation.

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