• Lucia De Rosa

Impure skin or dry one? Retinol can helps in many case even for aged skin

Today we would like to talk about an excellent product that can helps in many skin problems, in the case of impure or dry skin, or in the appear of first wrinkle, it's retinol, what is it? also called vitamin A, because it is extracted from it, retinol can helps to skin serum rebalance, that's why we said that it also helps in the case of impure skin; in the case of dry skin retinol has the power to retain liquids and maintain the epithelial hydrolipidic mantle since it acts a bit as a connector with other molecules of the skin without letting it flake and dry. Precisely for this reason it helps to attenuate and slow down the first wrinkles of expression. In case you have never tried it or you are looking for a real effective product based on retinol you must absolutely try this product by Elizabeth Arden derived from ceramides and retinol, It can helps against the effects of photoaging, neutralizing free radicals and slowing down skin aging, it is recommended to use in the evening before moisturizer cream being photosensitive, this means that its molecules could be altered with the effect of sunlight.

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