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How to get a longer-lasting, uniform, and spotless tan

The summer that is coming reminds us that it is finally time to get a nice tan and get that wonderful tan that gives us that healthy complexion and dissimulates dark circles and cellulite but, have you wondered how to achieve, maintain and prolong as much as possible this wonderful bronze which every year we aspire?

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Certainly, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals can be very helpful to have an even and long-lasting complexion without hyperpigmentation spots.

But let's see together which foods and vitamins can help us since foods and the functions they perform are not all the same.

First of all, foods rich in beta-carotene can help the production of melanin which, it is good to remember, not only helps us to have a beautiful tan but also helps to protect us from sun damage and possible burns, it is also right to point out that even having a rich and balanced diet, we must be careful not to expose ourselves in the hottest hours, and always apply sunscreen to protect ourselves from UV rays which are also harmful when we sunbathe in a wrong or exaggerated way.

Where do we find beta-carotene? Actually, beta-carotene, which is also the precursor of vitamin A, is found in all foods with green leaves such as broccoli, parsley, spinach, asparagus, orange and yellow foods such as pumpkin, carrots, mango, peaches, vinegar, and red palm oil, which has been found to have fifteen times more vitamin A than carrots; In the orange foods mentioned above but also in apricots, citrus fruits, red fruits and melon we also find a lot of vitamin C which not only helps the synthesis of collagen but also in the prevention of wrinkles and dissimulate the appearance of those already present.

After talking about vitamin C and A, what do you think is missing in a balanced diet? That's right, vitamin E cannot be missing because it helps in cell regeneration and protects the skin against oxidation by sunlight. I guess you have wondered how we can avoid the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots that leave us with that uneven and dark color that will never go away? Well, from IDEI (Institute of Integral Dermatology of Madrid) has been confirmed that there are foods that prevent the appearance of spots, in fact, "Fermented products enhance intestinal health avoiding double and blemished skin, which has been extensively discussed by Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, a journal of food science, explains that fermented products have antioxidant power, antibacterial, they are anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, consequently help to strengthen the immune systemsince they increase the diversity of the bacterial flora in the intestine, consequently improving health. Among the fermented products that can help us to have a long-lasting and spotless tan we find:

- Kefir, a dairy product that is produced by fermenting yeast with bacteria and milk, helps to improve digestion and bone health, excellent for those intolerant to dairy products, it can be used as a substitute to the yogurt or used instead of milk to make shakes.

Next, we have Kimchi, typical food of Korean cooking, useful for providing an abundant source of probiotics, it combines the properties of some vegetables, sesame, ginger, and garlic which are marinated together to acquire a spicy taste and very beneficial for the body.

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Then we find Tempeh, one of the most known foods of Indonesian cuisine, it is obtained from the fermentation of soya, it is well known among vegans and vegetarians for the great protein contribution it can provide.

Among the most common fermented foods, we cannot avoid mentioning yogurt. After having seen a little bit the benefits of food on our tan we also see the best way to expose ourselves to the sun, it would certainly be better to start gradually, like ten / fifteen minutes a day in the less hot hours and then increase gradually according to your phototype. How can you tan pale or sensitive skin? First of all, it is important to use a protection 50, hats, and sunglasses to avoid insolation (it would be good for everyone to follow these rules but for light skin even more because they have a clear predisposition to sunburn). Bathing often to avoid that the body temperature becomes too high and you can burn, avoid the hottest hours.

How to maintain the tan as long as possible overtime? As long as you have not burned (a very important factor since the skin has memory), you ALWAYS have a proper diet and therefore a good supply of beta-carotene, the production of melanin is constant, you drink at least two liters of water, the body is well hydrated and the desired tone is achieved gradually, it can be assured that it will last even longer.

Did you know the action of fermented foods to avoid hyperpigmentation spots?

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