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Green juices to purify and detoxify the body

During this change of season, as in others, we need to purify our organism, also because we often have an unbalanced diet based on carbohydrates and fats due to a stressful lifestyle, our organism can tend to acidify, leading to muscle and joint pain, fluid retention, cellulite, abdominal swelling, and digestive syndrome, while in other cases when the level of stress is very high you can have psychosomatic symptoms such as gastritis, ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, atopic dermatitis, this is because our body has acidified so it is not the blood that has changed its pH but the interstitial tissues having received too many foods from the acid ph or in contact with the internal ph have subsequently brought an alteration of our balance.

What better way to purify the organism and increase the psychophysical wellness in this period in which temperatures are rising than with green juices? Why green juices? Well, it must be taken into account that a bad diet, as we have just said, can be acidifying and poor in vitamins and minerals, while green juices made with a good extractor have the power to extract a high content of nutrients, including vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in a way that is richer in flavor but also with a high nutritional and alkalizing power and can be remineralizing.

What does it mean to use a good extractor? generally must make few revolutions per minute in order not to overheat the juice produced and not to alter its nutritional power;

The ideal would be to make green juices with organic vegetables and wash them well with alkaline water and a coconut brush to remove residues of pesticides used to grow vegetables; in case you are not used to eating vegetables, you can start with carrots, celery, apples, and fennel, and then gradually add green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, beets, spinach, chard, ginger root.

The green juices can be easily customized, the important thing is to take them 15-20 minutes before or away from meals, also because having a content so rich in vitamins and minerals are already ready to be assimilated by our body.

In case you don't have time to make fresh juices or you have to have lunch out of the house for work reasons, you can also take the micronized powdered extract of barley grass such as Green Magma, this product was created by Dr. Hagiwara, a Japanese doctor, and pharmacist, who had a mercury poisoning in his pharmaceutical company because of the preparation of some medicaments. At that moment he decided to search for a superfood capable of restoring the internal balance that he finally found in the sprouts of barley seedlings, this micronized powder is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium that, thanks to its patented production process are completely intact since, to be produced is not subjected to any cooking method, so the nutritional power is the same as a portion of raw food.

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To get the right amount of nutrients you can add two teaspoons of Green Magma to a glass of water twice a day, after a few weeks you will immediately notice a feeling of lightness and an improvement in various diseases that lead to pain and psychophysical discomfort.

Have you ever made green juices? Did you know Green Magma?

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