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Fragile nails? ..this is for you!

Updated: Apr 16

How many times, looking at your nails have you thought... What a pity?

since I have been asked many times "What can I do to prevent them from always breaking?"

today I am going to tell you three tricks to harden them.

Attention! I'm not talking about miracles, but yes, something that over time can help you harden them without break.

1) Brewer's yeast:

Did you know that its nutritional value helps a lot in the supply of the whole group of B vitamins (b3, b9, b12)? helps us a lot to strengthen nails and hair.

2) Nuts:

Its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and minerals such as calcium and zinc help to strengthen the nails.

3) Olive oil and lemon:

Yes, signoras y signores I speak to you of one of the oldest home remedies in the world;

if you mix in a small cup a few drops of olive oil plus 1/4 of lemon juice you can get a powerful remedy to make your nails more resistant. Once obtained this mixture can be passed on the nails 2-3 times a day with a cotton swab and in a month you will surely be able to see the result of a hard nails as never had.

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