• Lucia De Rosa

Face mask, why it is so important do it, discover three of the best one

Today we're talking about face masks and the importance of doing one at least once a week. Very rich in active ingredients, you can find hundreds of masks for every skin type, since they have a very high power of carrier they act in depth and can balance in case of oily skin, moisturize and nourish in case of dry skin, stimulate collagen and elastin to prevent aging damage in case of mature skin.

Korean cosmetics, more and more in vogue and in line with the times for its scientific researches and in most cases the use of natural ingredients, is also more and more present and in demand in Europe; Korean face masks are also capable of satisfying all needs since in the East it is part of the culture of every woman and of their skin care routine.

Korean masks in most cases are affordable, with their inebriating scents and essential aromas that can also be very stimulating on a sensory level to give yourself a moment of cuddle that is ideal to take a break from your routine.

It is possible to find different types of masks, from cream masks that must be washed off, to fabric masks that, like the previous ones, act by osmosis in the depth of the skin tissues and do not need to be rewashed but they just need a good massage to allow the residual product to penetrate, then sleeping masks that penetrate during the night sleep.

Among the best Korean masks we find the convenient and effective Mediheal pack of 10 masks at a great price, these Korean masks based on marine collagen and vitamin E helps to give tone and radiance to dehydrated and dull skin, they make a difference for its excellent reviews that ensure excellent results even after a month of use.

One of the most famous and well-known Korean masks are those of Dr Jart,

scientifically tested, are based on natural ingredients, give excellent results being rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) by the known illuminating power and anti free radicals, we also find the turmeric root extract and panthenol (known for its soothing function), this mask helps in case of dehydrated skin, dull or even in mature skin as it has a strong anti-aging action.

In this case you must first apply the vial that is inside the package and then the gummy mask that helps the penetration of the active ingredients instead of making them evaporate.

An exceptional mask with purifying and sebum-balancing power suitable for combination and oily skins, among its main ingredients we find green tea, citrus peel extract known for its purifying power and lactic acid that differs for its brightening and exfoliating function, it can give an excellent result if used with constancy.

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