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¿Elegant dress or comfy/sporty look? Let's give space to light colours in the spring time

It's finally that time of the year when you can use clothes with lighter fabric, on some days of course you still have to use the three-quarter sleeve, but only for a little while until the mild temperatures will leave room for the summer ones that will warm our hearts and souls, making us finally leave the jeans jackets in the closet. And here we can finally start to use light-colored clothes or other colored ones that give more joy and good mood. The first that we are showing you is by Elisabetta Franchi, a wonderful dress with an elegant look that highlights the femininity of every woman. It is always a sophisticated woman but still very chic that is represented by the style of Elisabetta Franchi. Her clothes represent a very confident woman who with her glamorous style is distinguished among many.

Credits: dress by Elisabetta Franchi; shose by Elisabetta Franchi, bag: Louis Vuitton

Credits: dress by Elisabetta Franchi; bag: Louis Vuitton

Do you like more this dress with shose or boots?

Next we have a dress by Goa Goa, for lovers of the sporty look, you can finally go back to using colorful and patterned clothes, soft fabric and light, long sleeves balloon and bow around the neck that comes down soft for a casual and comfy look for every day look that, surely will allow us to face the day at best.

Credits: dress by Goa Goa; bags by Giorgio Armani Jeans

Which is your favorite?

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