• Lucia De Rosa

Dry skin? Stretch marks? Rosehip oil is what you need!

Updated: Apr 16

Most of you already know Alqhimia, the Spanish brand 100% natural, today I'm going to talk about rosehip oil, known and used in cosmetics for years for its properties that help elasticity, regeneration and healing of the skin.

For its high percentage of fatty acids, as well as alpha-linolenic acid and oleic acid help the production of prostaglandins which in turn serve for the regeneration of skin tissues, in addition to being composed of transeritonic (particle of vitamin A) that helps the production of elastin.

That is why rosehip oil has been recognized as one of the best allies for skin regeneration, it helps a lot in case of stretch marks, burns, attenuate expression lines, blemishes or acne scars.

Obtained by cold seeds pressing, this natural product is very sensitive to air, changes of light and temperature, in fact is subject to an high risk of alteration, for these reasons it is absolutely necessary to be of good quality as well as certified.

I personally apply it to my face every night before going to bed and I am very glad about, I can assure you that it works wonders!

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