• Lucia De Rosa

Different age, different eye contour needs

Updated: Apr 16

As in different stages of life there is different needs..clearly an eye contour that is used at twenty can not be used at forty, our skin has different requirements in the various steps of time, is a bit like choosing a day cream and a night cream.

Clearly, at the age of twenty there is a need for hydration for the eye area, which is drier than other areas of the face; at thirty years old our skin needs products with active ingredients that can be both draining and stimulate or brings collagen that from this point begins to decrease in our skin; For who has past forty years old have need not only collagen-rich products but also elastin to give greater support to the elastic fibers of our skin that begin to decrease and consequently the wrinkles that previously were only of expression, from this point also become deeper.

Fortunately there are products for every age and skin needs, an excellent product for teenagers is an eye contour by Origins that with the active ingredients of magnolia, ginger and coffee, not only drains the subcutaneous swellings in the eye area due to hours of study or nights spent at the disco but is also very moisturizing.

While for those who have reached the age of thirty there is the eye contour of DRROEBUCK'S based on amino acids, coconut oil and caffeine that while draining liquids strongly stimulates the production of collagen.

For women who has reached the age of forty yo, they can use a Sisley product with a massage manipulator included that facilitates the application of the eye contour from the multifunctional active ingredients of soya, oats, rose, lemon and caffeine; this cocktail of products strengthens our skin while making it more elastic.

Sculpteur de perfection by Galènic is the ideal eye contour for those over forty-fortyfive of age because being composed of argan mother cells, sesame oil, safflower oil and Hidroxiprolina has an incredible regenerating and lifting action.

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