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Dark circles or undereyes puffiness? ¿wich is your problem?

Updated: Apr 14

In the periocular area, the skin is thinner and the number of follicles and sebaceous glands is significantly lower than in other areas of the face/body. In the eye area, the elastic fibres and collagen are significantly lower than in other areas of the body. Lymphatic circulation is also slower, which is why the skin is drier. All this combined with stress, computer work, hormonal problems creates a predisposition towards the formation of puffiness, dark circles and expression lines, the typical problems of the eye contour.

The puffiness under the eyes is a typical imperfection of the eye contour that occurs in the form of eyelid swelling, which is accentuated in certain circumstances such as stress at work, after an intense reading, menstrual or premenstrual periods in which normally increase the puffiness. Bags under the eyes become very evident with age as it decreases the production of collagen and fibroblasts change shape by incorporating fat and intracellular fluids.

Dark circles, on the other hand, are a problem with the eyes contour that is formed to a slowing down of the circulation, in the periorbital area, of the venous lymphatic microcirculation. The stagnation of liquids and blood deposits pigments in the dermis, having this a very thin layer you can see a typical purplish shadow.

If the eyes tend to swell frequently, in the long term there is a lack of cellular nourishment and an acceleration of skin aging.

For this reason, it is advisable to use an eye cream up to 25 years old, in order to moisturise more the skin and prevent these characteristic problems.

Among so many eye cream, we have cite Dr. Haushka daily hydrating eye cream,

an incredible combination of distillate rose, pineapple, marsh mallow and calendula, which provide a calming, refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect. The avocado oils, macadamia nut and sea buckthorn oil, which being rich in omega three nourish the area around the eyes helping to combat skin oxidation and free radicals, leaving the skin moisturized and more compact. Have you ever used it?

Dr Organic eye rescure rollerball

The package comes with a practical rolloon to apply the serum, composed of dead sea mineral salts that helps intracellular exchanges and drain stagnant liquids, aloe vera juice that provides calming and re-epithelizing effects, orange fruit oil, vitamin E and C wich provides an antioxidant action.

Due to its high presence of dead sea salts is not recommended for sensitive and reactive skin.

Hyaluronic eye complex of Evolve Organic beauty laboratory

Another amazing practical rollon, the serum is slightly gelatinous; its main active ingredients are:

hyaluronic acid, which provides greater firmness to the skin and increases elasticity, as over the years its epithelial production decreases;

cocomere extract, rich in vitamin A, helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin and is effective in preventing photo-ageing;

aloe juice, refreshing and re-epithelizing.

Is suitable for all skin types and, we recommend the use in the evening so as to be able to deflate the epithelial stagnation and work during the night hours.

Have you never tryied one of this products? wich is your favourite one? leave me a comment to know your opinion! I'm curious about!

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