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Cuperose ¿What are the causes of? ¿which are the remedies?

What is cuperose? cuperose is a characteristic of sensitive and reactive skin.

How does cuperosis form? In most cases, it is a genetic characteristic of the skin, but it is also true that there are often causes and aggravating factors. What are the causes of cuperosis? To aggravate the genetic factors and an individual predisposition there are often a lifestyle that in some cases can lead to stress, the use of tobacco, sudden changes in temperature that can irritate the skin, exposure to UV rays, alcohol, stimulant drinks at the vascular level that can lead to frequent vasodilation or vasoconstriction of the capillaries such as coffee or tea, or the use of corticosteroids, In fact, it has been noted that people who use medicines with cortisone they have an higher level of corticosteroids in their blood and may subsequently suffer from cuperose. These are all factors that do not help this characteristic of the skin or in some cases can even cause cuperosis, which is basically characterized by the fragility of the capillaries that have the tendency to break and form a dense and intertwined network of capillaries that in cosmetics and medicine is also called telengectasia.

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What are the remedies for cuperose? It really depends on the state of the cuperose, if it is at an early stage you can use remedies to prevent it from degenerating and worsening in some way, if it is at a more advanced stage it would be better to consult a doctor. Is it possible to use natural remedies for cuperose? Since it is characterized by the fragility of the capillaries that, when they break, may give life to blood clots, the ideal would be to use products that can strengthen the walls of the capillaries and, for example, based on butcher's broom, centella, blueberry, horse chestnut and red red grapevine, so that, with their active ingredients, vitam. C, flavonoids, tannins and the presence of antioxidants can invigorate the blood vessels that form these unaesthetic microtelengectasias and that, if you do not use the necessary precautions could result in acne rosacea. What is rosacea or what is the difference between rosacea and cuperosis? Generally, cuperosis is also referred to as rosacea but it is also true that at a more advanced stage it can turn into acne rosacea and then give light to the presence of inflamed pustules, in fact, when we have the onset of acne rosacea it is because there is a more advanced inflammation in the tissues of the skin. In this case it would be better to contact a doctor because at the cosmetic level you can only use calming creams.

What are the most indicated creams for rosacea? Certainly it is necessary to use creams that have a calming and soothing effect that can help alleviate the feeling of warmth that sometimes be noticed when skin is exposed to heat sources, or is useful to apply creams that contain antioxidants and can strengthen the walls of the vessels but at the same time protect the skin.


It is important to remember that the cuperosis, being in most cases a genetic feature, and that affects the microcirculation, it is difficult to remove it permanently, but it is certainly important to use certain precautions so that it does not get worse.

An excellent cream that can help calm the skin when irritated is

Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream by Clinique; based on probiotics, it strengthens the dermolipid barrier of the skin and has a soothing power, helping to improve redness and, having an SPF 15 protects the skin from UV rays.

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Another excellent and effective cream is provided by Avene, this cream is without fragrances, preservatives, parabens and alcohol but is based on thermal water, therefore, rich in oligo elements that help the intracellular exchange of the skin while the parcerine contained in it helps to restore the hydrolipidic film while calming the skin.

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Last but not least Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream by Kiehl's, a well-known brand of natural products, has created this wonderful cream with a super light texture and moisturizing but above all, hydrating and soothing power based on infusion, flower extract and micronized petals, all to make an elixir that can be as concentrated and pure as possible in order to give the skin maximum comfort.

Have you ever tried these creams? Which is your favorite?

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