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Chocolate Gold Palette, love at first sigh!

Updated: Mar 25

Ehy Guys, ¿how you doing?

Today we are talking about this wonderful and coquettish eye shadow palette,

Chocolate Gold, is an explosion of bright and luminous nuances, golden tones, monochromatic colors except for green, fuchsia, purple plum and clearly black, which can never be absent in a palette of eyeshadows to give depth to the glance and delineate the eyes.

Effectively, we have to contain the enthusiasm while talking about these unique and incredible colors, with a delicious and tasty scent of chocolate that makes an incredible choline in your mouth while you are doing your makeup.

From the irresistible shape of a chocolate bar could not have no contained the bright golden colors, from this derives also the tasty name, Chocolat Gold, a wonderful fusion that contains:

- 7 bright shades that gives brilliance and radiance to the eye and recall various gold shades;

- 2 matte clear colors;

- 4 colors I told you about before, to recreate different jaunties looks;

- 1color beije mat to gives brightness to the inside of the eye or that sometimes can also be used as a base for others bright colors, so as to give more intensity;

- 1chocolate gold which can also be used as a highlighter.

- 1 silver color, this one can also be used as a highlighter too.

They have a silky texture, which smoothes and blends with a great simplicity, a magnificent and extraordinary pigmentation, (as well as all the Too Faced products) adhere incredibly well to the eyelids and mixed together give rise to unique nuances.

This palette is recommended for those with brown, hazelnut or green eyes.

You can create bright looks for dinners or simply to go for a cocktail with friends.

Have you ever tried this palette? What do you think?

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