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Cellulite, how it forms? causes of cellulite and how to get rid of

Updated: May 18

The season of spring is also the right time to prepare ourselves for summer, does this remind you of something? Well yes, it is the time of year in which we generally change clothes in the closet, we start to put on dresses or short skirts, we start to look at ourselves in a more critical way, noticing that we have some fluid retention or cellulite, but what is cellulite? Many people think that cellulite is just an aesthetic imperfection, but few people really know that cellulite is also an inflammation of the connective tissue. How does cellulite form? What is the origin of cellulite? Many people still wonder about the cause of cellulite? Let's take a closer look of how cellulite is caused. First of all, we must say that cellulite is a dysfunctional disorder that can have several causes, such as hormonal disorders, a poor diet that can be rich in sugars and fats but poor in vitamins and minerals, a sedentary lifestyle, dysfunctional venous circulation, alcohol and tobacco use, birth control pills, and stress.

Once we have seen the cellulite causes, let's also see what happens in our body ant the internal connective and circulatory level; When there is an inflammation internally, our fat cells and fibrous cells that are situated in the connective tissue change shape as a result, when there is a slowdown in the microcirculation there is a stasis of lymphatic fluids and toxins causing a poor oxygenation of the tissues.

What is your cellulite type? Now that we have seen a little of what is happening in our organism, which is really important to be conscious of, let's look at the three degenerative states of cellulite. In the first state, cellulite is defined as edematous, in this step we can see that there is a stasis of lymphatic liquids, in this first phase it is possible to use draining products apart from improving the diet and doing some physical activity. How do you recognize this type of cellulite? When you press or squeeze the skin, you will notice that there are edemas and that the skin changes tone to the touch.

In the second stage the first cellulite signs begin to appear, the skin is painful to the touch and colder than in other areas. This second stage of cellulite is still reversible, it is necessary to use products that can melt the cellulite nodules, draining and toning products. While in the third step there are many more hollows, orange peel skin is even more visible due to the more frequent nodes, the skin is even colder. Does orange peel skin go away? What are the cellulite remedies? Well, let's keep in mind that in these three phases cellulite is still reversible, so with the right products, a correct diet and a regular physical activity it is still possible to improve the tone of our skin.

But you are probably wondering about which are the right products to improve cellulite? Right?

First of all, it is important to use a scrub at least once a week to stimulate the microcirculation and remove dead skin cells to allow the products that will be applied later to penetrate more quickly, in this case we propose an anti-cellulite scrub by Collistar, with the smoothing and draining power of sea salts, and invigorating power of essential oils of lemon, lavender and thyme contained in it, it also leaves the skin very moisturized because it contains avocado, jojoba and sweet almond oil.

It's practically a multifunctional elixir of youth!

Among the natural cosmetics we find a valuable ally by Weleda a body oil made from birch, rosemary and butcher's broom, being rich in vitamin C help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, incredibly effective at draining and known to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin, can help in the first stage of cellulite while in the second can give better results if used in synergy with a lipolytic product.

To recreate an home spa atmosphere we recommend a fantastic mud by Guam, made from algae of the dead sea, rich in minerals, with cryogenic action and a cold effect, particularly suitable for those who have circulation problems and can not use thermic products. This product can also be used in case of very advanced cellulite as it has a lipolytic and toning action to recreate an effective home made spa treatment. The Guam brand makes different types of mud for every type of need.

For tougher and more difficult to fight cellulite there are also hot muds, but these are recommended for those who don't have circulation problems or a tendency to have capillary rupture.

Lastly, for those who don't want to do body wrap with a mud, there are more practical and quick solutions such as the cream by Comfort Zone, made with micro algae, fucus, escin and caffeine, which have a thermic and lipolysis action, helping to remove excess fat caused by cellulite.

It's clearer now how cellulite evolves? how to reduce fluid retention or improve cellulite?

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