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Causes of dark circles and home made eyes masks for

Updated: Apr 16

Today we talk about dark circles, a feature that afflicts many people and how to improve the appearance with home made eyes masks.

The dark circles may depend of that in the periocular area the skin is very thin and after 25 years there is a decrease in the formation of elastic fibers, reticular fibers and collagen formation so already this leads to a progressive thinning and dehydration of the skin in this area; At the base of the dark circles may be microcirculation problems , hyperpigmentation, edema and lymphatic fluid stasis, excessive exposure to sunlight and UV rays, stress and excessive eye fatigue such as studying / working long hours in front of

the PC can aggravate this feature, in 70/80% of cases this feature is hereditary but, of course, can get worse when there is a set of causal factors that increase for example the retention and stagnation of fluids or dehydration.

Just to improve the appearance of dark circles we propose two natural home made eyes masks that can help to drain fluids and hydrate the skin around the eye area:

Coffee draining and moisturizing eyes mask:

Grind two teaspoons of coffee beans in the mixer, then boil them with half cup of water for five-six minutes, once it has become cold, take only the coffee serum, add it to three-four drops of rosehip and one honey teaspoon.

Mix the ingredients well and apply as a mask.

Rinse it off after ten minutes.

Afterwards you will see that the coffee juice will have drained and deflated the eye area while the polysaccharides in the honey and the vitamin E contained in the rose hip will have hydrated and relaxed the entire eye area.

Moisturizing anti-age mask

The benefits of cucumber and vitamin A in it contained are by now well known in cosmetics and beauty world, so are you ready to use it? Well, then cut four slices shred them and add two drops of cypress essential oil, that has draining properties, a few drops of lemon juice, wich has clarifying properties and antioxidant power, even in this case teaspoon of honey, mix well, apply the mask on the eye area and leave for ten minutes.

Rinse with warm water and apply some drop of rosehip oil as a moisturizer and massage slowly from the inside to the outside of the eye.

The use of this mask is recommended in the evening, before going to sleep because the essential oils and rose hip oil are photosensitizing.

Have you ever tried these masks?

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