• Lucia De Rosa

Brands that are environmental friendly

Updated: May 16

We are talking about three clothing brands that are environmentally friendly, what do we mean by that? That for the creation of their clothes they use techniques for which they have reduced water consumption or that use natural dyes.

Let's take a closer look at how these brands are structured and managed.

Let's start with Patagonia, a clothing company located at California, a company that believes in recycling clothing so as not to throw it away and create more toxic waste with carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

Among their production mechanisms, they have managed to decrease water consumption and increase the use of natural dyes in the production of their garments.

Then there is Sézane, a French clothing line that, among its main collections we find some that are ecofrendly, and thousands of their items have been recycled in order not to affect the environmental impact.

Then finally an Italian brand, WRÅD, which was born first as an educational movement, doing workshops in schools and universities around the world to raise awareness of how the world of fashion has a significant impact on the environment, then grew to form a clothing brand which colors are created with graffiti powder, a waste product from chemical dyes that if not reused would be discarded along with other toxic products. They have revived and licensed a system of painting that was also used by the ancient Romans. Among their main products is the Anorak, in which the windproof system is made with beeswax rather than petroleum.

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