• Lucia De Rosa

Blazer, an item that can change or define your style

Blazer, an irreplaceable item in the closet for this spring summer time, definitely a must have that can help us to complete an outfit, it can give that extra touch even when it seems that something is missing. The blazer is also this item that can make a classic outfit more chic, or more elegant, in fact it helps us to complete an outfit making it different.

When an outfit is really elegant the blazer can make it more classic, when it is really sporty for example if you are wearing jeans and a shirt, the blazer can make it become a casual look or, when an outfif is really chic it can make it become a sporty look. In few words, it's that detail that makes the difference depending on the finish, the fabric or the style itself.

We can for example combine this blazer that we show below by Liujo in this way or with jeans and make it become a sporty elegant look for everyday.

Credits: @liujo via web

Below we have the classic blazer by Mango that can be used in this way to get a perfect office look.

Boreal Blazer by Mango. Credits by @zalando

While here we have a blazer a little different, a denim style that surely can be loved by the most sporty, a different and original style to complete the everyday outfits while being always fashionable.

Blazer in denim fluido by Pennyblack. Credits: @pennyblack by web

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