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BB cream o CC cream? ¿which is the difference?

Nowadays we must consider that it is essential to use precautions for our skin to be hydrated, luminous and compact. In addition, our face is the first thing that is seen in a social dynamic, we must take care of it to get the most from, protecting our skin from the rays of the sun even in winter, so that it can always be stress and tiredness free.

As often when I open my makeup bag, while analyzing my models skin, I am questioned about the difference between bb cream and cc cream, I decided to write this article, hoping that it will help clarify any doubts you might have.

What is a BB cream?

Also called "blemish balm cream" has a slight covering effect, it was first created by a German dermatologist, who basically wanted a cream able to moisturize and protect the skin after laser treatments (that's why some companies have created it with a spf 20-30), then, over the time, it has extended all over the world, starting with the Asian continent and ending in the Western one.

Normally the BB cream is very moisturizing (especially indicated for dry skin), has an SPF also with a protective UVA rays factor and, if the skin already has a fairly uniform color, can be used instead of a base with a very natural and light final effect.

Careful ! note that bb cream cannot replace a make-up base if many products such as primer, dark circles corrector or couperose are used, as it don't have the compact structure of a normal make-up base, but are characterised by a very light texture that leaves a wonderful nude effect. As example of BB cream I can mention this latest L'OREAL product, in a first impact is shown with a white color precisely for its moisturisers particles then massaging it quite well acquires the glow nude color.

On the contrary, the CC cream also called "color correcting cream" is an excellent combination of hydration and concealer cream, it has an SPF and its main function is to homogenize the pigmentation of the skin, it can be used after the primer and before the make-up base (as long as the pigmentation is tenuous, because its composition is less compact and coverage than any other concealer).

The excellent thing is that both have a moisturizing base apart of the SPF.

As you can see this kind of CC cream have a green impact as it is for couperouse, but after be massaged became skin color. Should be mentioned that thanks to its ability to harmonize skin tone, the CC cream can be used with gray and opaque skin tones or yellowish skin tones.

I hope you liked this article and that it helped you to clarify some doubt;

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