• Lucia De Rosa

Acne? Dull skin? Wrinkles? Oxygen therapy is the right treatment for you!

We are talking about one of the most popular treatments in vogue at the moment and also chosen by many famous people, oxygen therapy. What is oxygen therapy? One of the most effective treatments nowadays, it can oxygenate, stimulate, nourish (when combined with several vitamins) revitalize, brighten the skin of the face and stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

What does oxygen therapy consist in?

It is nothing more than a treatment which uses some airbrushes for the application of pure and direct oxygen on the skin.

In which cases should oxygen therapy be used?

It can be used in the case of dull and dark skin because having a strong oxygenating power helps to detoxify and brighten the epithelial tissues by oxygenating the cells in the deeper layers of the skin.

Oxygen therapy can be used in the case of acne skin or skin with many impurities because it canalizes oxygen through the lesions themselves and helps to balance excess sebum oxygenating the skin that can often be inflamed by acne with a thickened horny layer.

Moreover, when practiced with the addition of hyaluronic acid and various vitamin cocktails, oxyegenotherapy can also be used to give wonderful results in cases of dry skin or wrinkles because oxygenating the deeper tissues can stimulate the synthesis of elastin and increase the production of collagen by giving more brightness, deep moisturization and, above all, the skin is also more relaxed and toned with evident lightening of spots, hyperpigmentation or scars.

Basically it has no negative effects because it does nothing more then oxygenate the tissues and nourish the skin in case it is required.

Have you never done this treatment? which treatment do you love most?

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