• Lucia De Rosa

A combination of shower gel plus karite moisturizing oil? yes it exists!

Updated: Apr 16

Have you ever had a short time and among the many things to do take advantage of have a quick shower and then have to run to some important appointment and don't have time to apply a moisturizer cream or a nourishing oil on the skin body in order to avoid that horrible feeling of dryness or squammy skin? At this point the Occitan shower gel with 10% karite oil can certainly come to the rescue, which means that it gives a wonderful smoothness sensation and hydration even before you leave the shower.

This Occitane shower gel with karite oil has a wonderful and light citrus scent, is not very foamy so as it doesn't leave the skin dry but is very pleasant to use, once you see the silky effect, the softness and hydration it leaves on the skin you can't do without it anymore. Have you ever tried something like this that combines the hydration of karite oil with shower gel? Did you already know the brand of oocyte?

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